If Black People Attacked the US Capitol

If Black Lives Matter (BLM) would have sent 20,000 people to the US Capitol to show their displeasure in Donald Trump’s election to the Presidency in 2016 this would have been this countries reaction 15 minutes later. But the GOP will not take responsibility for that terrorist act that happened on January 6, 2021, but instead they’ve become complicit in an attempted Coup.

Vote Them All Out

Just voting out President Donald J. Trump from office on November 3, 2020 won’t matter if you don’t remove the people that have enabled his behavior for the last 4 years. All these US Senators who made excuses for his behavior are now up for re-election also. They are trying to throw him under the bus to save their own careers now but they gave the country nothing when they knew they had the votes to do whatever they pleased. They got to go also.

Voting Lines vs Grocery Lines

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Don’t get conned, tricked, or fooled into voting by mail when you can go stand in that line. You know there are hundreds of lawyers standing by to contest every ballot that comes in that wasn’t dont at a voting machine. Don’t make it easy for them to take your vote away. They’ve already shown you that they dont care what you think about how they operate. #vote2020

2020 Presidential Election Vote Biden Meme

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In all of President Trump’s speeches at his rallies he talks about fixing all the problems that he’s caused in America. Vote for Joe Biden and other Democrats so Mitch McConnell and his cronies can stop promoting hate and discontent among citizens of this country.